A life affirming story of two strangers; two lost souls; and a bridge that connected them

cast and crew

Paramita Banerjee


Paramita was born and raised in Kolkata and after acquiring a Masters degree in English Literature, she moved to London in 1997. Her natural leadership abilities were recognised early as she held various student managerial positions in school through to university.

She cherished her love for the arts, especially music, theatre and cinema from a very early age. She was an ardent admirer of the Oscar winning Indian Film Director Satyajit Ray.

Paramita is also a gifted and established artist in her own right. She is a vocalist of Indian music and performs worldwide. She has several publications to her name. In London she worked as a Senior Financial Consultant in a leading UK financial institution for several years and left her job in 2008 to pursue her career in music and in Film

Production. Paramita‚Äôs creative collaboration with Amit started with musicals, dance theatres and in short films since 1998. As their common passion and interest grew in ‘World Cinema’, she received training in Producing Films from Raindance Independent Film School in London. Thereafter, Paramita produced most of Amit’s short films and Documentaries since 2007/8. Bridge is her first independent feature film that she made possible with shoe string budget but with extremely dedicated and inspired group of international cast and crew.